CAR 15 – 2014 SHELBY GT500 5.8 LITRE V8 662 BHP

I have always loved American Muscle Cars and I’m now lucky enough to have been able to purchase my current 2014 Shelby GT500

The Mustang puts out an impressive 662 BHP from factory!

This particular model is very iconic and I believe the shape is one of the most popular produced. I am very lucky to be able to own this car, and its always been well looked after. It’s a real joy to drive and ride in! It has endless power and is a massive improvement with its road holding compared to previous models.

Once bought, my desire to want to share this incredible car brought me in touch with Ford Mustang Weddings, and I have enjoyed sharing many weddings since. Whether it’s taking the Groom and his best man to the venue or indeed the Bride & father, I have always had very positive feedback in contributing to making their day special. Some may feel that the bride’s dress makes for a tight squeeze in the back seats, but the rear seat design makes it very accessible and everyone has enjoyed the experience.

I can honestly say that sharing the Mustang on these special occasions has been very enjoyable for me, as this has become such a big part of owning such an incredible iconic piece of American heritage.

It always attracts admiring attention whenever its out on the road and you can’t help but love it!


What Our Customers Think

  • We hired car 15 for our wedding last year in August and I have to say that the car was totally amazing! The driver was very professional and friendly, even taking us for a drive after we'd got married. The roar of the engine is like no other car to me, I absolutely love mustangs and to get taken to the alter in one was just totally awesome, totally took my breath away, actually did take my breath away from the minute I heard it, I've never felt prouder!

    Jodie Peckham