Helicopter #1

Private Helicopter Hire

Whether you are requiring a short haul chauffeur service or quick access to different locations, hiring this superb helicopter from Supercar Wedding will allow you to fly past road traffic whilst relaxing in this luxurious helicopter!

Travelling via helicopter avoids any unnecessary stress when you have a long way to travel under stretched time frame. You will be able to experience a convenient and deluxe service than will get you up close and personal to a magnificent method of transport.

The starting price is £750 per flight hour and is based on starting from when she leaves base (Nottingham) to return to base.

There may be landing fees applicable and if there is not sufficient space to land at the venue, we can arrange a local landing prior to the date and are normally able to strike a deal with golf clubs or hotels if there are no airfields close by.

Personal Uses

  • Wedding Vehicles
  • Prom hire
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Tournament or Festival transport
  • Sporting events

Professional uses

  • Transportation across depots and meeting locations
  • Business Client experiences
  • Executive helicopter transfers

By hiring this amazing helicopter experience, you will have access to a wide range of choice when organising your day. We are committed to providing a personalised quote for your journey in order to maximise the level of enjoyment you will get from the experience.

Travelling by helicopter not only reduces your overall travel time but also raises the successful persona that you want to portray when arriving at your chosen destinations. This is highly beneficial if you are looking to increase your clientele and business apparel. Hiring this helicopter for personal uses like transportation to different events such as horse racing or motor racing. By travelling in one of our chartered helicopters you not only miss the traffic on the journey to the event but also allows you to arrive in style leaving a lasting impression.

A helicopter will enhance any travel experience, whether you are travelling to an outdoor festival or creating a memorable exit on your wedding day, here at Supercar Wedding we are driven to providing the best possible journey.

The shorter driving time achieved travelling by helicopters not only allows you to arrive on time and in high-end comfort, but your focus will be more on the day than the travel arrangements.

Our pilots are rigorously chosen on their customer service skills as well as their flying ability. This is imperative as it creates a much more welcoming and sociable travel experience, heightening the overall professional manor and sophisticated experience.

If you do have any specific requirements in order to take full advantage of the experience, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.