• ‘Booking’ shall mean a period for which the Client has committed to the Hire.
  • ‘Client’ is the individual who has organised the Hire and is responsible for the payment of the Hire.
  • ‘Company’ is Prestige Wedding Car Hire Ltd (trading as: Supercar Wedding)
  • ‘Driver’ is the vehicle chauffeur/owner.
  • ‘Guests’ are any individuals accompanying the Client and his/her invitees.
  • ‘Hire’ is the contract between the Company and the Client for the Hire of a vehicle, incorporating these terms and conditions.
  • ‘Reservation’ is where a deposit has been paid to hold a date, but the remaining balance has not yet been paid.
  • ‘Vehicle’ is a vehicle featured on


  1. The responsibility for any damage to the Vehicle by the Client or their Guests shall solely rest on the Client. It is an express condition of the hire that the Client accepts this responsibility. All damage, however caused, to the inside or outside of the Vehicle, including that caused by a third party following incitement by the Client or their Guests, shall be the responsibility of the Client. The Company can choose whom it wishes to make the necessary repairs, and the retail cost of said repairs shall be paid for by the Client.
  2. The car is chauffeur driven only. No self-drive is allowed by the Client or their Guests.
  3. We accept no responsibility for any belongings of the Client or their Guests that may be left in the Vehicle subsequent to the Hire. Furthermore the Client indemnifies the Company from any such responsibility and undertakes to advise all Guests.
  4. We do not accept any liability from any material or personal damages of the Client or any of their Guests.
  5. There is no smoking or eating/drinking in the vehicle. The cost of repair of damage to the Vehicle caused by a breach of this policy, including the cost of a valet, shall rest with the Client.
  6. All passengers are required to wear seatbelts (if fitted). All passengers must be over 12 years in age or at least 135cm tall.
  7. The maximum number of passengers allowed in the vehicle is three unless specifically stated on the vehicle description on this webpage:
  8. The Driver will not exceed the speed limit at any time.
  9. A 25% deposit payment will be required at the time of reservation (Note: some vehicles require 35% deposit). Deposits are non-refundable. The Client must pay the remaining balance in full directly to the Driver no longer than 14 days prior to the wedding/event.
  10. It is the Clients responsibility to ensure there is adequate travel time to and from destinations. The client must also provide contact details, which will be valid prior to, and on the day of the hire.
  11. No guarantees can be made in terms of time, the reliability of the Vehicle or indeed events that are outside the direct control of the Driver such as traffic congestion or road works.
  12. No responsibility will be accepted for adverse weather that may prevent the completion of the Hire. The position of the convertible roof (if equipped) – either lowered or raised cannot be guaranteed and will be at the discretion of the Driver.
  13. If a booked vehicle is not available to complete the hire we will first attempt to find a replacement vehicle. If ultimately the hire cannot be completed for whatever reason, the deposit and hire charges will be returned in full to the Client.
  14. Any Hire may be refused without explanation or reason.
  15. The Client agrees that photographs or videos can be taken at the wedding/event for use on the Supercar Wedding website or for promotional material. If the Client shall object to this, the Client must advise at the time of booking.